A downloadable Collection

Welcome to my web arcade!
This is a small collection of games that I have just recently started to put together. I have decided to be taking the #agameaday challenge, when I have a day off, and all the games that I make in a day while doing that, will be dumped here, they will all be web games and most likely only be simple vector graphics.


A game I made for my #agameaday streak

Control the green ball by directing him with the arrow keys, he changes direction every time a blue square is collected and 10 points are added to your score. Collect all 96 squares to win, but beware that every 4 squares collected, an enemy will emerge from the edge of the screen.


Simple enough, Just pop the red circles before they get to you. At first it seems pretty pointless and straight forward but you'll see, there is quite a bit of strategy involved.

The Pit

Collect as many gold doubloons as you can before you get caught by the evil red circles. Ahhh! so red, so round, so evil! Don't let them touch you or they'll consume your soul!