Submission for Ludum Dare 37


Arrow Keys: Movement / Aim your attack

  • z: Jump: hold for higher jumps

  • x: Lay Bricks: use in conjunction with arrow keys

  • c: Attack: breaks bricks, allowing you to collect them for later use, also knocks back enemies, and if you do it in mid-air while aiming downward at an enemy, it can be used to boost you upward, effectively gaining another jump.


Building works in 2 different ways, horizontally and vertically. In the top-left of the screen, it shows how many bricks you have available to use, when you have none left, you can not build. The only good the 'x' key will do then is snap your character to the tile grid.
Horizontal Building: You must be on the ground to initiate horizontal building. If you hold down 'x' while walking, bricks will form beneath your feet where there aren't any, effectively letting you walk on air.
Vertical Building: You must be on the ground to initiate vertical building. You can only build up vertically, not down. Hold 'x' while you are on the ground and press the 'up' arrow key. Your character will float into the air laying bricks beneath them.


When the game first starts, you have a near-empty room with a gold doubloon at the top, this is put in place purposefully to act as a way for you to experiment and get used to the controls. The game doesn't really start until you grab the gold doubloon at the top of the room.

The goal of "The Pit" as I have decided to call it for no apparent reason, is to collect as many gold doubloons as you can before you get caught by the evil red circles. Ahhh! so red, so round, so evil! Don't let them touch you or they'll consume your soul!


Build1 - 106 kB