Right/Left arrow keys - Move clockwise / counter clockwise
Up/Down arrow keys - Increase / Decrease projectile velocity
C - Hold to fire (use up/down arrow keys while holding)
X - Hold to jump
M - Toggle music

How to play:
If you're running low on ammo, be sure to seek out the blue circles laying on the ground, they provide you with extra ammo! Don't touch anything that is red, all the red guys are bad guys and you should destroy them with your conveniently head-mounted cannon. You can't hit them? Try adjusting the projectiles velocity while you are holding down the 'fire' button by using the up/down arrow keys.

You will be rewarded with extra points if you make awesome trick shots. Also if the debris from one shattered foe strikes another enemy, this too will inflict damage and give you bonus points.


This is a short little game that I made for LudumDare 38. The theme was "A small world." I know, it's a stretch, but oh well.

Ludum Dare Page:


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This is very good!! Could you add a link to your ldjam page for this game so I can vote it up? thanks!

(4 edits)

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed!! The page is here:

however, the voting doesn't actually start til Friday because the new LDJam website is having issues

edit: Sunday