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For my first submission to the Ludum Dare community, and first game I have ever completed, I am fairly content with my finished product.


It's funny, this game turned out completely different from what I expected. The first game idea I had when the theme “10 seconds" was announced was not a free running game that lacked gravity. In fact I first thought up of a game where you were a spy with an ability to slow down time all around you, thus making 10 seconds into around a minute and a half. The goal would be you have to infiltrate a corporate building and gather needed intel before the building's lock down procedure initiated. Either way, I figured that if time was slowed down by a significant enough degree, gravity would have less of an effect on the player and other physical objects, so I started to create an engine that would support gameplay mechanics in an environment with zero (or extremely low) gravity. That took me the whole of day 1. After completed, I got caught up for about a half hour just running my little pixelated character around aimlessly in this environment because the physics were so obscure and fun to mess around with. And after some thought I came to the conclusion; screw it, I'm gonna make a game based purely off of this zero gravity mechanic. So I rethought my idea and came up with this game.


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